Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer

On this week's Social Media Pubcast, I invited my backup CEO and business manager John Robinson to the show. We did things a little differently this week as I let him take the wheel and ask me questions. His job was to make me feel uncomfortable. He succeeded!

Themes this week:

1. Accountability
2. Recommitting
3. Asking for Help

If you want to speed ahead, here is when you can find different topics:

4:30 "I don't know" mindset and quitting
6:40 Personal accountability
10:40 Team accountability and delegation
16:00 Being vulnerable enough to ask for help
17:54 Worrying and being fearless
20:20 Delegating fearlessly
24:40 A weird relationship with clutter
28:20 Help from others for accountability
31:30 Acknowledging your skills and motivation
33:00 Setting goals

Thanks for listening!

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