Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer (management and marketing)
Pull up a barstool! Here's this week's show notes:
FB Marketing Advanced University: Insights
•Multiple sections of lessons, from beginner to advanced
•Completely self-serve — Learn at your pace!
•Written lessons
•Video lessons
•A daily assignment to hold you accountable
•The option to subscribe to a different lesson emailed to you every weekday
•Define all relevant terms
•Learn how to use the web version of Insights
•Learn how to use Page Level Exports
•Learn how to use Post Level Exports
•Apply what you learned to optimize your content
Custom Audiences
— All advertisers now have access through self-serve and Power Editor 
- What They Are
- Creative Uses
- Increase Page Likes
- Extend the reach of posts
- Sell or upgrade a product
- Reach more users with your newsletter (Ian Brodie)
- Target users similar to your subscribers (Lookalike)
- Upcoming ability to target website visitors
- Ethics
- Scraping other pages and groups
- Ethics + Why do it??
5 Metrics (Social Media Examiner guest post)
- Fans Reached
- Engaged Fans
- Post Consumers/Consumptions
- Link Clicks
- Positive Feedback
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Pull up a barstool! Here’s this week’s show notes:

* Why no guests for now

* Featured Fan Segment

- Featured Fan #1: Barry Tubwell
- Q: Paid Post (CPM or oCPM)
- Promoting a Product (CPM or oCPM)

- Featured Fan #2: Cathy
- Q: New client with 7k fans, no engagement
- Sporadic posting
- Christmas coming up, sales
- How to make best use of advertising budget
- Reengage current fans
* How to submit your own question

* Recharging
- Vacation with the guys
- To the point now where I still make money when I'm not around
- Traffic at an all time high
- Realized I get TONS of emails
- Why I don't respond to everyone

* Insights Program is coming

* Website Retargeting Coming to Custom Audiences

* Generate Variations Button 

* The Review Button
* Saved Target Group From an Ad
* Merging Precise Interests and Broad Categories
* Update to Location Targeting

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Pull up a barstool! Here’s this week’s show notes:


1)    1)  New Featured User Question Segment


-If I could interview Mark Zuckerberg and he would grant me 3 Facebook wishes...

- Premium Support (live chat)

- Better interface for Power Editor

- Allow anyone to access any test feature they want


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2)    2) On Vacation/Broken iPhone woes


3)    3) Facebook expands Custom Audiences to target users who visited website or used mobile app


4)    4) Changes to Post Level and Page Level Exports


- Page Level: Loss of Virality and some of the Talking About This stats; gain of Positive Feedback

- Page Level: From 65 to 63 tabs; from 90 to 72 columns in Key Metrics

- Post Level: Talking About This, Stories, Viral stats are gone; Nothing New


5)    5) Why you need to use Conversion Tracking

- Ad 1 had 773 clicks, $.02 CPC, $.26 CPM

- Ad 2 had 110 clicks, $.29 CPC, $3.59 CPM

- Ad 1 had 13 conversions ($287 value on $31.81 spend)

- Ad 2 had no conversions ($18.41 spend)


6)      6) Related links:



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Show Notes for this week’s Pubcast:


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- Review the Pubcast

- Leave a question


Transition to Infusionsoft

- I need a VA with Infusionsoft experience!

- email

- Go sign up!

- 4-4:30p every Wednesday EST


Social Media Success Summit

- Public speaking tips


Ad Create Flow Updated

- Deja Vu (June 2012)

- Clicks to Website, Website Conversions, Page Post Engagement, Page Likes,

App Installs, App Engagement, Offer Claims, Event Responses

- Clean flow in self-serve ad tool

- Also nice image upload option

- Power Editor: Stupid

- Power Editor: four ads disappear (Check-in sponsored story, wall SS, any posts like SS, DSS)

- Power Editor: Redundant (Clicks to Website/Website Conversions, App Installs/App Engagement, Offers)

- Conversion Specs gone

- Still can use old ads


New Insights

- Change to navigation

- Change to Exports

- Favorite stuff


3 Facebook Metrics that Don't Mean What You Think They Mean

- Total Reach/Organic Reach

- People Talking About This/Engaged Users

- Post Clicks



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Pull up a barstool and pop a bottle! On this week’s Pubcast, Jon sits down with social media consultant, surfer and author Blake Jamieson to discuss the latest news and strategies for Facebook marketing:

Here are a few things they covered…

  • His upcoming book Social Hustle Surf, and discussion of the value of writing a book
  • A creative way to get a wall-sized whiteboard for free
  • Local businesses and news feed ads; strategy and value in general related to reaching non-fans in the news feed
  • Graph Search change and what it means to users and marketers
  • Editing posts
  • Facebook's longevity versus newer social networks: Will younger people use Facebook in the future?


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PUBCAST: Using Facebook Hashtags and Optimizing Image Sizes for Shares and Traffic with Chad Wittman

Pull up a barstool and pop a bottle! On this week’s Pubcast, Jon sits down with one of his favorite guests, Chad Wittman to discuss the latest news and strategies for Facebook marketing:

  • But first, they had to discuss a little NFL and the Green Bay Packers
  • New Optimization Image Sizes
  • Link thumbnail + stats: – do they lead to more shares and web traffic?
  • New API – Robust search functions and the Twitter model for news events
  • Hashtags Study – What happens with viral reach? How are they best serviced?


Find Chad:

Twitter: @chadwittman

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Pull up a barstool! On this week’s episode of the Pubcast, Jon sits down for a very special interview with JJ Loomer, CEO of JJ Loomer Wizibido, discussing how he went from no job to owning a business and having clients the next day. Pop a juice box!

Also on this episode, Jon discusses his 4 steps on Growth and Contests:

The Challenge: Grow to 20,000 Likes

Step 1: Know Your Value Proposition

Fans are users. Users are people. People aren't robots. People lead to business. Fans are numbers.

Why should someone like your page? What is interesting about you? What is unique? What value do you provide?

What can you share on a daily basis to make a person's (not FAN's) life better?

Craft branding, imagery, tagline, content and strategy around THIS, not a goal for a number.



Step 2: Execute that Value Proposition

Regularly and consistently publish valuable, self-less, helpful content. The purpose of the majority of posts should be to educate or entertain.

Build organically.


Step 3: Attract with Ads

Offer something of value that appeals to your target audience in exchange for a like.

Micro targeting


Step 4: Contests?


Some links:


Upcoming Milestones:

- 3,000,000 Page Views




- = 50% off coaching session

- = 50% off Power Editor training program


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Pull up a barstool! On this week's Pubcast, Jon goes solo and shares with you the most important Facebook news of the week as well as his strategies and tips for effective Facebook sales funnels and measuring ad success.

Check out some of the topics he’ll cover in this week's episode:

  • The latest changes with Facebook links – what’s 1:91:1 all about and why is it a big deal?
  • How to measure Facebook ad success – what are “silly stats” vs good stats?
  • The 5 stats you need to follow for successful Facebook ad reporting
  • 4 steps to building an effective Facebook sales funnel

Related Links: 

FB Marketing Advanced University: Power Editor updates:



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PUBCAST: Secrets, Strategies and Sales with Amy Porterfield

Pop a bottle! On this week's Pubcast, Jon sits down for an in depth Facebook marketing discussion with public speaker, blogger, podcaster, webinar and workshop queen, Amy Porterfield.  

Check out some of the topics they'll cover in this week's episode:

  • Amy's secrets and strategies for creating a successful sales funnel
  • Different models for using Facebook ads
  • Turning fans into leads - split testing tabs vs outside landing pages
  • Collecting leads with giveaways and sales pages
  • How to use Facebook Ads to get more fans
  • Podcasting and how to promote a podcast
  • Building an email list vs increasing relevant fans vs selling
  • The recent FB algorithm change
  • Negative feedback - what does it really mean?
  • Timeline promotional strategies

Related Links: 






  • Algorithm Change

  • Negative Feedback

  • Timeline Promotions


 Find Amy:

 "Everything that has taken me a lot of effort has always produced bigger results."




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Marcus Sheridan -- the man, the myth and the legend -- pulled up a barstool and we got sensitive on this week's Pubcast.

Here are a few of the topics we covered this week:

  • Balancing the life of an entrepreneur and fatherhood
  • Making a difference and changing lives
  • Technology and the creation of art
  • Financial security vs. innovation
  • The obsession over stats
  • Storytelling and earning trust

Here are a couple of links mentioned in this episode:

Find Marcus here:

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