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Website Custom Audiences: 

You're More Than a Marketer

Why You Shouldn't Build a Business Entirely through Facebook


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Chris Brogan:

Owner Magazine (Publisher)

Human Business Works (CEO/President)

Keynote Speaker

Consultant to big brands like Disney, Microsoft, Coke, Pepsi, Google

New York Times bestselling author of six books (The Impact Equation, Trust Agents w/ Julien Smith)

Lives in Mass

Blogged since 1998

Podcast:  The Human Business Way


Recorded podcasts and launched small media network in 2006

Affiliates and disclosures


Podcast: How are you using it?


My Goals Don’t Care

- “It’s easy for them”

-  Making excuses


How to Network at Business Events

1. How do I help other people succeed?


2. How do I grow my business?

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Is Facebook Organic Reach under reported?


Why Your Bad Facebook Marketing Strategies are Ruining Ad Targeting

* Twitter Ads

* Facebook Interest Targeting

* Buying likes, trading likes/reciprocation, Fan Page Friday, Favors

* Waters down interest targeting

* If your page has a bunch of irrelevant likes and I target your audience, it impacts my results

* Bad for users —- irrelevant ads


No More Sponsored Stories: 6 Big Changes Coming to Facebook Ads

* Warned since June of 2013

* All ads will have social context going forward

* Ad Image Cropping

* Targeting redefined to fall into following cats: Locations, Demographics, Interests, Behaviors

* Unified Interests


* Geographic Targeting (inclusion/exclusion)


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1. Share More Frequently


2. Establish a Facebook Sales Funnel


3. Target email subscribers with link shares


4. Retarget website visitors


5. Create a Saved Target Group in Power Editor


6. Try oCPM (again)


7. Try the Sidebar (again)


8. Track Conversions


9. Create an Online Offer


10. Create a saved facebook ad report


11. Confirm referral traffic in Google Analytics


12. Download your post level export


13. Compare link click data based on post type


14. Define success without using reach





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