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Today was a big day. I Finally launched my new training course, "Facebook Marketing Advanced University." In this episode I'll discuss what the course is all about, how I implemented it, the importance of Power Editor and entrepreneurial tips learned along the way.

Topics discussed:

  • Background on how I started my own business
  • Overcoming fears and trials as an entrepreneur
  • The strategy behind the creation and promotion of a scalable online product
  • Layout of course materials
  • The importance of Power Editor
  • Placement strategies with Facebook ads
  • Why the boost post feature is a bad idea
  • Important features of Power Editor
  • How you can pre-order my new training course for a 50% discount

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Jason Miller, formerly of Marketo and now of LinkedIn, popped open a beer and we ranted about social media marketing in this awesome episode.

Topics discussed:

  • Jason's new gig as Content Marketing Manager for LinkedIn
  • How to maximize LinkedIn as a marketing channel
  • Moving beyond the tired, philosophical approach of marketing and focusin on results
  • How to measure social media ROI
  • Automation tools for advanced marketers
  • 80s hair metal Karaoke

Links mentioned include:

You can find Jason on Twitter (@JasonMillerCA), at and soon on the LinkedIn blog.

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Heidi Cohen stopped by the Social Media Pubcast to celebrate her 1,000th blog post. Heidi, who has been named to the Social Media Examiner Top 10 Social Media Blogs list two years running, had endless useful tips for struggling bloggers.

Here are a few topics that were covered:

  • 1,000 Posts and Lessons Learned
  • Blogging Strategies: How many times per week and why?
  • Avoiding Burnout

And a few links that were mentioned:

Here's how you can find Heidi:

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PUBCAST: Dispelling the Myths of Hashtag Privacy with Mari Smith

Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook, was my guest on this week's Social Media Pubcast, sponsored by TabSite. Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • How she went from start in 2008 to 100,000 Fans now on Facebook
  • Facebook hashtags and dispelling the myths of hashtag privacy
  • The conflicts between the removal of the 20% text rule and good design for cover photos
  • Mari's Facebook advertising strategy (and how Jon promotes posts)
  • The exciting news about changes to the Facebook ads manager reports
  • Facebook changes in general -- are they for the better?
  • If Facebook blew up tomorrow, what would she or Jon do?

Here are a couple other things we mentioned related to Mari's business:

Here's where you can find Mari:

P.S. Tabsite sponsored this episode, which means you can get 33% off of one year of any membership for their product to create contests and deal apps to increase engagement on your Facebook page. Just go to and use the promo code PODCAST!

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