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PUBCAST: Blogging and Email Marketing Strategies -- with Danny Brown

World reknowned blogger Danny Brown pulls up a barstool and fills up his glass as he and Jon tackle several topics. Danny, the author of -- one of Social Media Examiner's Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2013, discusses his numerous transformations and why he redesigns as often as he does (he and Jon both built their sites on Genesis) and how he uses his blog to build his business now. We also debate email marketing tools, frequency and strategies as well as the importance of getting unsubscribes. Make sure to check out Danny's new company ArCompany as well as his new book called Influence Marketing, co-written with Sam Fiorella about social influence.

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Josh Parkinson of PostPlanner sat down at the virtual bar to talk about about tips, tricks and strategies to getting into the News Feeds of Fans. Josh is the founder of PostPlanner, an awesome tool that helps you do just that. Josh with a glass of cognac, a bottle of Smithwick's in my hand, we also took a few minutes to talk about music (check out Josh's band kONTRAdICTION).

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Jon welcomes Marcus Sheridan (AKA The Sales Lion) to today's show. The two sit at the virtual bar (Marcus with a Diet Coke, Jon with a Stout) to discuss business KPIs. Marcus asserts that comments and social shares are overrated while Jon isn't so sure (here is the blog post he wrote that inspired the discussion). The two also discuss money keywords and the importance (or lack thereof) of short blog posts or videos.

Marcus has been a major influence on Jon's career during the past year, and is the main reason this podcast was created in the first place. Make sure you follow Marcus' blog at for brutally honest and entertaining posts that will help you improve your content marketing. You can also find him on Twitter (@TheSalesLion) or listen to his podcast called Mad Marketing with The Sales Lion.

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Jon breaks down the seven turning points that led to his being named to the Social Media Examiner Top 10 Blogs of 2013 list. For more on his story, read this blog post.

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