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Surfer dude and kickass Facebook marketer Blake Jamieson stopped by the virtual bar this week, and we got absolutely drunk on Facebook marketing. On this episode of the Social Media Pubcast, sponsored by TabSite, we talked about the following topics:

  • FBX and measuring ROI
  • News Feed ads and the balance between success and not ticking off users
  • Big time results with mobile install ads
  • Funding his awesome project, Dawn Patrol Truck

Here are a few links that were mentioned on this episode:

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Chad Wittman of EdgeRank Checker pulled up a barstool to the virtual bar, and we got nerdy over Facebook stats. This episode of the Social Media Pubcast, sponsored by TabSite, was loaded with great points, themes and topics:

  • Is EdgeRank an official term?
  • Affinity is built through repeated engagement
  • Comments drive four times the clicks as likes
  • The impact of Negative Feedback on EdgeRank
  • A theory on declining Reach
  • The future of "best time to post"

Make sure you follow Chad's work in the following places:

Also an exciting offer: Get 33% off of the annual or monthly plans of TabSite for a single Facebook Page by going to and using the promo code podcast. TabSite is a great tool for contest and deal apps. Check them out!

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This week's Pubcast, sponsored by TabSite, was an absolute blast. Andrea Vahl, AKA Grandma Mary, stopped by, and we chatted about the following hot topics:

  • The birth of Grandma Mary
  • The value of social media marketing conferences
  • Power Editor and using it to learn about your subscribers
  • The death of the Notifications Box in the Admin Panel
  • The change to Promoted Posts, removing "Fans Only" option
  • Facebook contests, and the tools Andrea uses (including TabSite!)

Here are some links and articles that were discussed:

You can find Andrea at and on Facebook at Follow her now!

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Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics is one of my go-to people regarding advanced Facebook advertising topics. He is deep in it, and often has access to tools that very few are using or knowledge of tools that aren't yet released. This is a must listen!

Topics include the potential impact of Partner Categories and creative ways to realize incredible results from Custom Audiences. We also dip a bit into where Dennis thinks Facebook is heading.

Some links and topics mentioned:

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The Pubcast got an upgrade! New intro music, new structure, new fun. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

In this week's Pubcast, I drink at the virtual bar by myself. But there's still plenty of fun stuff to talk about, including...

Social Media Marketing World

I had an amazing time in San Diego at this event sponsored by Social Media Examiner. Virtually everyone was there, and I had an awesome time. I share what I learned and how this event was inspiration for me to make changes to the Pubcast -- as well as what other changes may be coming.

Update to Promoted Posts

Many are reporting that Facebook has removed the ability to target Fans only with Promoted Posts. Is this a big deal? I break it down.

Also read my blog post on this here: Facebook Promoted Posts: Fans Only Option Removed [DO THIS]

Partner Categories

Facebook has quietly rolled out a potentially poweful advertising tool that will allow marketers even more ability to target the users they want with Partner Categories. Listen to my thoughts about this new feature.

Also read my blog post on this here: Facebook Partner Categories: Ad Targeting Becomes More Powerful

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Ryan Hanley stopped by the Social Media Pubcast to discuss "Content Warfare" and the battle for attention. This pretty much became a Marcus Sheridan lovefest, but we did find time to talk about some interesting topics that include blogging strategies, effectively using video and the potential impact of Twitter cards.

Links discussed in this episode are below:

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Jeff Ferguson of Fang Digital visited the pubcast today and we got crazy nerdy with stats. We talked about the similarities between what the Moneyball Oakland A's meant to baseball and how social media marketing needs a similar movement to help the industry start focus on the right metrics. We also talked about the dismantling of SEO and how that industry is also in for an awakening.

Jeff is giving away an ebook on social media marketing, free to my listeners. >> Get that here! <<

Finally, just one last reminder that if you want to master your Facebook metrics, this is your final chance to reserve your seat in the FB Insights Exclusive Workshop. Use promo code FBINSIGHTS to get $100 off!

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Mike Maghsoudi of PostRocket pulled up a barstool, becoming the first ever two-time guest on the Pubcast. We cover a wide range of topics, including:

* The new Facebook Timeline and outdated interests
* Scams and annoying Facebook users
* How I think the new News Feed could help Pages that suck
* Why Mike thinks that the Following feed could lead to mass unliking
* How big, beautiful photos could lead to a drop in engagement
* Graph Search, utility vs. creepiness and the evolution of privacy
* We finish our battle over the importance (or lack thereof) regarding Reach

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David Foster of Hubze pulled up a seat at the virtual bar this week to cover a wide array of topics. We talked so much that I ended up having to edit out 20 minutes of this conversation. What is left is podcasting gold!

David is an amazing example of a guy who built a company from scratch, bootstrapping with no formal training in programming or design. Hubze is a successful company today, and they are preparing to launch a very exciting new product. To learn more about the product and how you can help fund it, check out

We also covered topics that included Facebook privacy, marketing with your head and of course the new Facebook News Feed and our first impressions.

Also make sure to check out my blog post on Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook News Feed for all of the details, both for users and marketers.

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Blake Jamieson pulled up a seat at the virtual bar on this week's Social Media Pubcast and we had an absolute blast. Blake's main claim to fame is taking the Pool Supply World Facebook Page from nothing to more than 75,000 engaged Fans in a very short period of time. Blake shares his secrets of success.

We also talk about Graph Search. I find it hilarious that neither of us have it yet, but Blake's mom does. Blake's mom actually comes up a couple of times in this chat!

Blake and I also take a nice, deep dive into the discussion of metrics; namely Facebook Reach and understanding the metrics that matter for your particular goal. Of course we talk about the reporting bug and our annoyance over that topic as well as sift through the data regarding which types of content are best for generating website traffic -- second guessing what many of us have been doing for quite a while.

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