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Pop a bottle! On this week's Pubcast, Jon pulls an all nighter at the pub with Chad Wittman of EdgeRankChecker to dive into his recent studies, projects and strategies.   They were on a roll! This is one of the best episodes from the Pubcast, you don't want to miss it!

Check out some of the topics they'll cover in this week's episode:

  • Chad's recent study about the best time to post on Facebook - no universal truths, but insightful and sure to give you new ideas!
  • Does Facebook penalize you for asking for Likes, Comments and Shares? Is it a good strategy?
  • Promotional strategies on Facebook and the FBX platform for retargeting: how does it work? 
  • Pros and cons of using Perfect Audience vs AdRoll for FBX.
  • Chad's new project, answers the question, "What's the most shared content by similar audiences?"
  • Does engagement go up when posting via a mobile device?

Related Links: (there's a lot but this is the mecca of useful info!)

Find Chad:

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PUBCAST: Promoting Posts, Metrics That Matter, and a Bit of Comedy with Brian Carter

Pop a bottle! On this week's Pubcast, Jon sits down for a drink with speaker, author, consultant and comedian, Brian Carter, to go over his strategies for promoting posts and the metrics that matter. Check out some of the topics they'll cover in this week's episode:

  • How Brian transitioned into a comedy career after being frustrated working in e-commerce 
  • Choosing your career path and deciding what works for you as a business owner
  • The science behind promoting posts successfully on Facebook
  • 6 ways to make contagious content and the 4 ways you can mistakenly prevent shares
  • Metrics that matter when consulting for a business
  • Why you should never have more than 10 ads in a campaign
  • The decision making process of when to promote a post after it has been created
  • Debunking "the death of Edgerank" and also discussing Last Actor and Story Bump
Find Brian:

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Pop a bottle! Jon joins you at the pub on this week's Social Media Pubcast to talk about the biggest news in a while: Story Bumping.

So what is Story Bumping? Is EdgeRank dead? He addresses these questions head on.

Jon also reveals a secret process he's been using for his own page and recommending to others to get highly relevant Facebook Likes efficiently. You can't miss this!

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This week's episode was one of my favorites -- I'm always excited to geek out with a fellow social media marketer about ads, optimizing, metrics, the new ad reports and -- of course -- Power Editor.  Andrew Foxwell is the director for social for PPC Associates and is a brilliant young mind with a lot of great information to share.  Check out the episode and geek out with us!

Topics discussed:

  • Andrew's background working for the US Congress social media team
  • Our thoughts on Custom Audiences and why Lookalike Audiences are one of the best Facebook developments in years
  • Facebook's mobile success
  • Purchase Intent: Desktop vs Mobile
  • Broad ad placement and ad reporting strategies
  • View Based vs Click Based conversions: What they are and why they're important

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Contact Andrew Foxwell:

Twitter: @AndrewFoxwell


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Today was a big day. I Finally launched my new training course, "Facebook Marketing Advanced University." In this episode I'll discuss what the course is all about, how I implemented it, the importance of Power Editor and entrepreneurial tips learned along the way.

Topics discussed:

  • Background on how I started my own business
  • Overcoming fears and trials as an entrepreneur
  • The strategy behind the creation and promotion of a scalable online product
  • Layout of course materials
  • The importance of Power Editor
  • Placement strategies with Facebook ads
  • Why the boost post feature is a bad idea
  • Important features of Power Editor
  • How you can pre-order my new training course for a 50% discount

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Jason Miller, formerly of Marketo and now of LinkedIn, popped open a beer and we ranted about social media marketing in this awesome episode.

Topics discussed:

  • Jason's new gig as Content Marketing Manager for LinkedIn
  • How to maximize LinkedIn as a marketing channel
  • Moving beyond the tired, philosophical approach of marketing and focusin on results
  • How to measure social media ROI
  • Automation tools for advanced marketers
  • 80s hair metal Karaoke

Links mentioned include:

You can find Jason on Twitter (@JasonMillerCA), at and soon on the LinkedIn blog.

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Heidi Cohen stopped by the Social Media Pubcast to celebrate her 1,000th blog post. Heidi, who has been named to the Social Media Examiner Top 10 Social Media Blogs list two years running, had endless useful tips for struggling bloggers.

Here are a few topics that were covered:

  • 1,000 Posts and Lessons Learned
  • Blogging Strategies: How many times per week and why?
  • Avoiding Burnout

And a few links that were mentioned:

Here's how you can find Heidi:

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PUBCAST: Dispelling the Myths of Hashtag Privacy with Mari Smith

Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook, was my guest on this week's Social Media Pubcast, sponsored by TabSite. Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • How she went from start in 2008 to 100,000 Fans now on Facebook
  • Facebook hashtags and dispelling the myths of hashtag privacy
  • The conflicts between the removal of the 20% text rule and good design for cover photos
  • Mari's Facebook advertising strategy (and how Jon promotes posts)
  • The exciting news about changes to the Facebook ads manager reports
  • Facebook changes in general -- are they for the better?
  • If Facebook blew up tomorrow, what would she or Jon do?

Here are a couple other things we mentioned related to Mari's business:

Here's where you can find Mari:

P.S. Tabsite sponsored this episode, which means you can get 33% off of one year of any membership for their product to create contests and deal apps to increase engagement on your Facebook page. Just go to and use the promo code PODCAST!

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My special guest this week is YOU! Welcome to the virtual pub, where you and I get drunk on social media. I sipped on a Sam Adams Porch Rocker this week while I discussed the following topics...

The Life of an Entrepreneur and Life/Work Balance

The nice thing about recording by myself this week is that it gave me an opportunity to give you some insight into some of the things I'm dealing with. I don't have it all figured out, and I go through many of the struggles you do.

My life has been incredibly busy lately, and a big reason for that is baseball. I'm a huge baseball fan, and my three boys are all now playing. I coached my two oldest boys this year, and it was definitely the most fulfilling season I've had.

This busy baseball season came at the expense of business. I simply didn't have time to take on another client, start an online program or redesign my site. You pick and choose what is worthwhile, right?

That said, I am working on the redesign of my site. I'll continue to use Genesis Framework, but I am moving to a mobile responsive theme (more on that soon!). 

I'm also working on a new online training program. I've been working on and delaying this for months, but I'm hoping to finally go public soon. I'll be opening for pre-pays shortly, giving early arrivals a big discount. Stay tuned!

If you haven't noticed, I'm making my One-on-One Coaching Sessions a higher priority for my business. This has been a hugely successful program, both for my clients and for my business. Simply go to to reserve a session. You'll have 45 minutes to get one-on-one time with me to talk about whatever your issues are with Facebook or content marketing.

Just for listening to today's show, you get a discount. Listen for the promo code!

Facebook Hashtags

The big news is that Facebook has launched hashtags. So, what are they? How should you use them? And what are the problems with hashtags? I discuss these things in great detail.


Tools I Use


People often ask me about what tools I use or recommend that make my Facebook marketing easier. I wrote a post on this, but here are the main ones and a short description:


ShortStack: What I've used for a year and a half to build all of my Facebook tabs. Love this tool!


AgoraPulse: Can be used for creating tabs, community management and a whole lot more. I use it for data analysis.


PerfectAudience: One of the tools I use to create FBX -- Facebook retargeted ads. This is the future of Facebook marketing. Use this link to get a free $70 trial -- this covers the ads themselves, too!


AdRoll: Another service that I use to create FBX ads. Use this link to get a free $60 trial that covers everything including the ads.


PropelAd: Helps you understand which posts you should promote based on interaction. I also use this to get alerts when posts are doing especially well.


PostPlanner: This tool has been a lifesaver for me regarding bulk scheduling Facebook posts. But also great for many problems associated with Facebook community management and content development.


Sit back and enjoy. CHEERS!

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Jeff Korhan pulls up a barstool on this week's Social Media Pubcast, and we get drunk on Facebook Hashtags and Graph Search.

Here are a few of the topics we covered:

  • The dangers of hashtag spam
  • The great potential of Facebook hashtags for businesses
  • Hashtag best practices
  • Narrow vs. broad hashtags
  • The potential of Graph Search
  • Content marketing and the realities regarding small business
  • Content attracts, media engages and sales processes convert

Here are a few of the links that were mentioned:

You can find Jeff at and @JeffKorhan on Twitter. Also make sure to buy his book, Built-in Social!

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