Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer

Is Facebook Organic Reach under reported?


Why Your Bad Facebook Marketing Strategies are Ruining Ad Targeting

* Twitter Ads

* Facebook Interest Targeting

* Buying likes, trading likes/reciprocation, Fan Page Friday, Favors

* Waters down interest targeting

* If your page has a bunch of irrelevant likes and I target your audience, it impacts my results

* Bad for users —- irrelevant ads


No More Sponsored Stories: 6 Big Changes Coming to Facebook Ads

* Warned since June of 2013

* All ads will have social context going forward

* Ad Image Cropping

* Targeting redefined to fall into following cats: Locations, Demographics, Interests, Behaviors

* Unified Interests


* Geographic Targeting (inclusion/exclusion)


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1. Share More Frequently


2. Establish a Facebook Sales Funnel


3. Target email subscribers with link shares


4. Retarget website visitors


5. Create a Saved Target Group in Power Editor


6. Try oCPM (again)


7. Try the Sidebar (again)


8. Track Conversions


9. Create an Online Offer


10. Create a saved facebook ad report


11. Confirm referral traffic in Google Analytics


12. Download your post level export


13. Compare link click data based on post type


14. Define success without using reach





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My last episode of 2013! Pull up a bar stool...


New Infographic



Final Word on Reach

- EdgeRank Checker post

- 12.6% reach in September

- Now 7.7%

- About 3/4 of brands impacted. Some Crushed

- Those crushed typically only sent links to their own site

- Engagement .29% to .26%

- Engagement per fan for Links, .12% to .11%

- Engagement rate for all content types from 3.49% to 3.86%

- Clicks per person reached up from .71% to .85%


2013 Resolutions

- Write Less, Publish More

- Ramp up Video

- Phase 2 of Podcast

- More Mobile

- More Products

- More Speaking

- More Help

- More Partnerships

- Be Better

Planning for 2014

- Put up or shut up time for Pubcast

- Put up or shut up time for Video

- Hire someone to edit videos

- Scale back to one article, one Pubcast and one video per week

- Build complex campaigns

- Funnels

- Make use of Infusionsoft

- More Infographics

- More training courses

- Update and improve the ones I’ve created

- Look to partner with other big names

- Invest even more in advertising

- Grow to 100k+ HIGHLY RELEVANT fans

- Speak more and better

- Build email list to 50k+



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Pull up a barstool! Here’s this week’s show notes:



- Story in AdAge



- Unreasonable Expectations



- Companies treat social media like billboards



- Competition


How to Reach More Fans Organically

- When your fans are online (EdgeRank Checker also including this in their tool)

- Post Frequently

- Reshare Old Content

- Produce Highly Engaging Content

- Benefit from Story Bumping

- Build an Audience the Right Way


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Pull up a barstool! Here are this week’s show notes:


·      Speaking at the Inside Social Marketing conference in NY 12/4/13

o   Social Media Metrics: What Does it all Mean?

§  Measuring ROI

§  Importance of conversion tracking

§  Right column success

·      Facebook’s Link Algorithm Change

o   Traffic to media sites up 170%

o   Update to story bumping

·      My Facebook Offer

o   My findings in fans vs. non fans sales

o   Budgeting strategy for the campaign

o   Utilizing custom audiences

·      Auto-Play Video on Facebook

o   Why I did a 180 on my thoughts about it

o   How Harry Potter ties in to auto play video

·      Targeting email recipients with FBX

o   Using Perfect Audience vs Custom Audeinces

o   How you can use a hidden pixel in your emails to gather info and use for retargeting

o   How you can get a free $70 FBX coupon (link below)

·      Links:



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Pull up a bar stool! Here's this week's show notes:


- Sidebar vs. News Feed vs. Mobile: Click here for the blog post

- Most advertising goes into mobile focus


- Why Andrew doesn't recommend ever using a lifetime budget

- What number Andrew recommends is the highest ad frequency you should never pass 

- The new News Feed and why doesn't Jon have it yet?!


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Pop a bottle! Here's this week's show notes:

2 Year Retrospective

* Beginning to Now

* First post: Why I started my Facebook Page. 

* Virtually no engagement the first month.

* First year-plus, experienced some solid growth.

* It wasn’t until this year — Beginning in July — when my business truly took off on Facebook.

* Lesson: 1) Don’t Quit. 2) Build an audience through providing value. 3) Sell is final step, not first. 4) INVEST — time and money for positive ROI


Debate: Facebook is a waste of money

* Forrester report

* An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

* Survey of 395 marketers

* Satisfaction average score of 3.54 out of 5.0 -> Last. First was on-site ratings and reviews with 3.84.

* 16% Reach Complainers. Ugh.

* Jamie Turner: 60SecondMarketer: The Truth About Facebook Ads: They Don’t Actually Work

* More than 1Million advertisers. High number of newbies

* Many have it all wrong. How many are building trust and a community? How many just sell?

* Don’t approach Facebook like banner advertising

* Equivalent of passing out fliers or cold calling

* How many are using Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, Power Editor, Conversion Tracking?

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More Links Mentioned in the Show:

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Pull up a barstool! Here's this week's show notes:
FB Marketing Advanced University: Insights
•Multiple sections of lessons, from beginner to advanced
•Completely self-serve — Learn at your pace!
•Written lessons
•Video lessons
•A daily assignment to hold you accountable
•The option to subscribe to a different lesson emailed to you every weekday
•Define all relevant terms
•Learn how to use the web version of Insights
•Learn how to use Page Level Exports
•Learn how to use Post Level Exports
•Apply what you learned to optimize your content
Custom Audiences
— All advertisers now have access through self-serve and Power Editor 
- What They Are
- Creative Uses
- Increase Page Likes
- Extend the reach of posts
- Sell or upgrade a product
- Reach more users with your newsletter (Ian Brodie)
- Target users similar to your subscribers (Lookalike)
- Upcoming ability to target website visitors
- Ethics
- Scraping other pages and groups
- Ethics + Why do it??
5 Metrics (Social Media Examiner guest post)
- Fans Reached
- Engaged Fans
- Post Consumers/Consumptions
- Link Clicks
- Positive Feedback
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Pull up a barstool! Here’s this week’s show notes:

* Why no guests for now

* Featured Fan Segment

- Featured Fan #1: Barry Tubwell
- Q: Paid Post (CPM or oCPM)
- Promoting a Product (CPM or oCPM)

- Featured Fan #2: Cathy
- Q: New client with 7k fans, no engagement
- Sporadic posting
- Christmas coming up, sales
- How to make best use of advertising budget
- Reengage current fans
* How to submit your own question

* Recharging
- Vacation with the guys
- To the point now where I still make money when I'm not around
- Traffic at an all time high
- Realized I get TONS of emails
- Why I don't respond to everyone

* Insights Program is coming

* Website Retargeting Coming to Custom Audiences

* Generate Variations Button 

* The Review Button
* Saved Target Group From an Ad
* Merging Precise Interests and Broad Categories
* Update to Location Targeting

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Pull up a barstool! Here’s this week’s show notes:


1)    1)  New Featured User Question Segment


-If I could interview Mark Zuckerberg and he would grant me 3 Facebook wishes...

- Premium Support (live chat)

- Better interface for Power Editor

- Allow anyone to access any test feature they want


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2)    2) On Vacation/Broken iPhone woes


3)    3) Facebook expands Custom Audiences to target users who visited website or used mobile app


4)    4) Changes to Post Level and Page Level Exports


- Page Level: Loss of Virality and some of the Talking About This stats; gain of Positive Feedback

- Page Level: From 65 to 63 tabs; from 90 to 72 columns in Key Metrics

- Post Level: Talking About This, Stories, Viral stats are gone; Nothing New


5)    5) Why you need to use Conversion Tracking

- Ad 1 had 773 clicks, $.02 CPC, $.26 CPM

- Ad 2 had 110 clicks, $.29 CPC, $3.59 CPM

- Ad 1 had 13 conversions ($287 value on $31.81 spend)

- Ad 2 had no conversions ($18.41 spend)


6)      6) Related links:



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