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PUBCAST: Secrets, Strategies and Sales with Amy Porterfield

Pop a bottle! On this week's Pubcast, Jon sits down for an in depth Facebook marketing discussion with public speaker, blogger, podcaster, webinar and workshop queen, Amy Porterfield.  

Check out some of the topics they'll cover in this week's episode:

  • Amy's secrets and strategies for creating a successful sales funnel
  • Different models for using Facebook ads
  • Turning fans into leads - split testing tabs vs outside landing pages
  • Collecting leads with giveaways and sales pages
  • How to use Facebook Ads to get more fans
  • Podcasting and how to promote a podcast
  • Building an email list vs increasing relevant fans vs selling
  • The recent FB algorithm change
  • Negative feedback - what does it really mean?
  • Timeline promotional strategies

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  • Algorithm Change

  • Negative Feedback

  • Timeline Promotions


 Find Amy:

 "Everything that has taken me a lot of effort has always produced bigger results."




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