Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer

Pull up a barstool! Here’s this week’s show notes:

* Why no guests for now

* Featured Fan Segment

- Featured Fan #1: Barry Tubwell
- Q: Paid Post (CPM or oCPM)
- Promoting a Product (CPM or oCPM)

- Featured Fan #2: Cathy
- Q: New client with 7k fans, no engagement
- Sporadic posting
- Christmas coming up, sales
- How to make best use of advertising budget
- Reengage current fans
* How to submit your own question

* Recharging
- Vacation with the guys
- To the point now where I still make money when I'm not around
- Traffic at an all time high
- Realized I get TONS of emails
- Why I don't respond to everyone

* Insights Program is coming

* Website Retargeting Coming to Custom Audiences

* Generate Variations Button 

* The Review Button
* Saved Target Group From an Ad
* Merging Precise Interests and Broad Categories
* Update to Location Targeting

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