Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer
Pull up a barstool! Here's this week's show notes:
FB Marketing Advanced University: Insights
•Multiple sections of lessons, from beginner to advanced
•Completely self-serve — Learn at your pace!
•Written lessons
•Video lessons
•A daily assignment to hold you accountable
•The option to subscribe to a different lesson emailed to you every weekday
•Define all relevant terms
•Learn how to use the web version of Insights
•Learn how to use Page Level Exports
•Learn how to use Post Level Exports
•Apply what you learned to optimize your content
Custom Audiences
— All advertisers now have access through self-serve and Power Editor 
- What They Are
- Creative Uses
- Increase Page Likes
- Extend the reach of posts
- Sell or upgrade a product
- Reach more users with your newsletter (Ian Brodie)
- Target users similar to your subscribers (Lookalike)
- Upcoming ability to target website visitors
- Ethics
- Scraping other pages and groups
- Ethics + Why do it??
5 Metrics (Social Media Examiner guest post)
- Fans Reached
- Engaged Fans
- Post Consumers/Consumptions
- Link Clicks
- Positive Feedback
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