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Show Notes for this week’s Pubcast:


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Transition to Infusionsoft

- I need a VA with Infusionsoft experience!

- email

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- 4-4:30p every Wednesday EST


Social Media Success Summit

- Public speaking tips


Ad Create Flow Updated

- Deja Vu (June 2012)

- Clicks to Website, Website Conversions, Page Post Engagement, Page Likes,

App Installs, App Engagement, Offer Claims, Event Responses

- Clean flow in self-serve ad tool

- Also nice image upload option

- Power Editor: Stupid

- Power Editor: four ads disappear (Check-in sponsored story, wall SS, any posts like SS, DSS)

- Power Editor: Redundant (Clicks to Website/Website Conversions, App Installs/App Engagement, Offers)

- Conversion Specs gone

- Still can use old ads


New Insights

- Change to navigation

- Change to Exports

- Favorite stuff


3 Facebook Metrics that Don't Mean What You Think They Mean

- Total Reach/Organic Reach

- People Talking About This/Engaged Users

- Post Clicks



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