Social Media Pubcast by Jon Loomer

Pop a bottle! On this week's Pubcast, Jon pulls an all nighter at the pub with Chad Wittman of EdgeRankChecker to dive into his recent studies, projects and strategies.   They were on a roll! This is one of the best episodes from the Pubcast, you don't want to miss it!

Check out some of the topics they'll cover in this week's episode:

  • Chad's recent study about the best time to post on Facebook - no universal truths, but insightful and sure to give you new ideas!
  • Does Facebook penalize you for asking for Likes, Comments and Shares? Is it a good strategy?
  • Promotional strategies on Facebook and the FBX platform for retargeting: how does it work? 
  • Pros and cons of using Perfect Audience vs AdRoll for FBX.
  • Chad's new project, answers the question, "What's the most shared content by similar audiences?"
  • Does engagement go up when posting via a mobile device?

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