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My Journey
  • I don’t have any regrets
  • I could have done things differently, but I didn’t — part of the journey
  • Looking back, I wish I was more willing to invest early
  • Looking back, I’m glad that I read A LOT to research what I needed to do, but you can put too much stock in the opinions of others. TRUST YOUR GUT!
  • Looking back, I wish I would have started an email list immediately, found my right niche immediately and did a lot of these things.
  • I didn’t, and that’s okay!
1) Determine an Initial Niche (this can change!)
  • Focus on a group that spends money
  • Focus on an area of expertise
  • Focus on an area where you could write a TON of content
2) Invest in a Home Base
  • Website
  • Logo
  • Photos
  • Hosting
3) Create a TON of written content
  • Write a list of questions you get from customers or potential customers
  • Take your own tour of the inner workings of your product, service, or topic that appeals to your audience — Create a list of every feature and the questions that likely come up
  • These questions are your blog posts
  • Determine a frequency that you can maintain and commit to
  • Share across Facebook, Twitter, etc.
4) Create How-To Videos
  • 1-3 minutes
  • Extension of the written content. HELP people interested in your related industry.
  • Upload to YouTube.
  • Upload to Facebook.
5) Create a Lead Magnet and Build an Email List
  • Pick an email list software (MailChimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft, etc.)
  • Create a guide, ebook, checklist, webinar or something of value that you can offer in exchange for it
  • Use OptinMonster, Pippity, etc. to push the opt-in to visitors
6) Facebook ads
  • Invest whatever makes sense in the early going. Prepare to grow. At least $1/day, but more if possible.
  • Create a Facebook page
  • Target website visitors and email subscribers (low amount early) to like your page, drive traffic and opt-in
  • Create lookalike audiences to do the same
  • Target interests and split test vs. lookalikes
  • Over time, your website visitors, email list and fans will grow. You will then move more of your budget to those groups.


  • More to come
  • Guests
  • Audio versions of blog posts
  • Subscribe, rate and review
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